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“Palimony” is the name given to disputes arising out of the breakup of unmarried couples. Couples who have cohabited in committed relationships without marriage may have legal rights and obligations arising from such relationships. Because California does not recognize common law marriage, any rights or obligations arising from such nonmarital relationships are governed by palimony law. The seminal case establishing such rights and obligations in California is Marvin v. Marvin (1976) 18 Cal.3d 660.

Palimony cases are NOT governed by family law or the California Family Code. They are civil lawsuits based on the principles of breach of contract. Thus, family law lawyers may, but do not necessarily, have the experience and familiarity with civil lawsuits necessary to handle palimony cases.

Carol L. Newman, Esq., has many years of experience in dealing with such cases and is one of the few attorneys in California, let alone the Los Angeles area, with a depth and breadth of experience in dealing with these cases.

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