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We practice a very broad range of real estate litigation matters involving most kinds of real-estate-related issues except for residential evictions. Our clients include commercial landlords and commercial tenants, owners of real property, property managers and asset managers, partners and shareholders in businesses which own real property, and homeowners’ associations and owners of separate interests in those associations. The types of matters we handle include:

• Commercial evictions, in which we represent both landlords and tenants
• Breach of commercial lease cases
• Partition cases, which involve compelling the sale of jointly owned property
• Construction disputes
• Homeowners’ association cases on behalf of both homeowners’ associations and owners in common interest developments
• Breach of contract and fraud in the sale of real estate
• Disputes about the ownership of real estate or interests in the real estate
• Neighbor disputes
• Boundary disputes
• Persons involved in appeals of such lawsuits

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